It would have been important to know…

Just like any girl in the online dating world, I am a little cautious before I meet someone new. If I can, I pick a place not super close to me, but not next to my house, and definitely one I have been to before. Just like a million times before, this is what I did.

We decided to meet at Huttenbar, which is in the heart of Lincoln Square. We had exchanged a week’s worth of actual conversation, and not once was he like innappropriate or rude (instead of the guy who is letting me know you like my butt? ummm ok you weirdo. Ps, we have and will never meet).

So just like I do on my way to all my first dates, I skim their profile and then our conversation. As I arrive at Huttenbar, I see that he is already there. We talk for about an hour and things are going well. As we order another beer, the conversation turns.

Him: “So I am assuming, if you read my profile, you’re okay with it.”

Me: “Ok with what?!” I had, indeed, read his profile, and was completely lost.

Him: “Well.. I’m looking for an open relationship. I could have sworn I said that on my profile.”

Me: “Um, No. You did not.”

Him: (looks at me reassuringly) “It’s ok, my wife is ok with it!”

Me: “WHAT?!”


Me: “I’m gonna lay something out for you real quick. 1. That shit is NOT on your profile. 2. Anyone who says that she is okay with it is either lying to you, or doesn’t care if you sleep around, which means she has found something better. You don’t know me well enough to know this, but that ain’t my thing. These beers are on you. K’Bye.”

Him: “Sarah! It’s not that big a deal!”

Bartender: “Good god….”



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